See your kids’ confidence grow and spend family time in the kitchen with strategic cooking methods for parents and educators.

If your kids have been trying to spend time with you cooking, then you know how frustrating it can be to lack a system for safely including them.


Despite your hard work, the activity ends in mess and frustration for all parties.

What’s up with that?

You watch other people’s blogs, Facebook and Instagram accounts showing happy times cooking with their kids, and you wonder if that could ever happen to you.


You’ve got heaps of fabulous people you’d like to bake something special for… if only you had a system and interesting recipes so your kids could join in the activity.


I totally get it because that was me. Now, my kids (and those I’ve taught at schools) are able to cook independently and it’s totally enjoyable for me too! I even cook side-by-side with my 3-year-old and 7-year-old son.


You can do the same!

course cooking with kids


Just imagine what it could be like:


… you can get back the joy you had in cooking before you had kids. You’ll even be able to share that joy with your kids.


… you can show your kids how you trust them by letting them tackle a recipe by themselves.


… your kids would learn valuable life skills like money handling and figuring out how to shop in a playful way.


… your kids confidence could be boosted enormously by letting them cook something independently.


…you can celebrate their achievements in a public way by gifting their foods or throwing a tea party!


… you effortlessly have quality time and build family memories.

Cooking with kids can be hard if you don’t have a system. So let’s build yours together.

course teaching kids how to cook

Love for Little Cookery..

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

some from the experts..

“teaches skills & independence”
“This brilliant book teaches children the skills to make things all by themselves. And what they make is pretty delicious too!”
–Sarah Marks, founder of Buttonbag & author of BoyCraft and ReCraft

“engages and excites children”
“With the huge revival of baking inspired by programmes like The Great British Bake Off, this book is a must for aspiring young cooks. Its colourful pictures and inspirational format engages and excites children and because of the simplicity of the recipes, they can be involved from start to finish. Watch out Mary Berry, a new generation of bakers are on their way!”
– Caroline Stevens, cookbook author, educator and mum of four

“great in the classroom”
“Little Cookery is a great teaching aid that supports all sorts of learning goals. Using the book in class allows educators to keep larger groups of children safe and engaged – the teacher is merely need to supervise. The extensive list of substitute ingredients is a life-saver: it means that if you suddenly realise you’re out of an ingredient, or something gets spilled, you can be confident in swapping it without the risk of losing the interest of those with short attention spans.”
–Nicky Van Kiel, European School primary teacher

“revolutionises recipes”
“As a writer, I’ve often wondered why recipes are always presented in the same way – they’re so fiddly to follow! This book deconstructs the recipe and, with just a handful of words, totally revolutionises it. We should never go back.”
– Isobel Finbow, freelance journalist

“encourages joy in food”
“Little Cookery is so much fun! It not only encourages little ones to enjoy the preparation and joy in food it demystifies the complex and celebrates the basics; making food fun and creatively simple. Little Cookery is such a great way to give children confidence in the kitchen and sets them up for life. I wish all those I taught Home Economics to had started this way.”
– Tracie Trimmer, former lecturer in Home Economics


course cooking with kids

What you get

Course material

The course comes as a downloadable, interactive eBook that is split into three modules, each focussing on a different area of development.

Module 1 is the big picture module. It looks at the skills kids can learn from cooking and gets you to form a plan with goals and skills for your kids.

Module 2 is the running-things-smoothly module. It’s about helping you to work out a good routine which is key to overcoming many of the obstacles to cooking with kids.

Module 3 is the let’s get suuuuuper practical module. It takes your situation as a starting point and let’s you build a grocery shopping strategy, shows you what to look for in food products and create a preferred product list, feedback mechanism and more.


Dotted throughout the course are planning pages. If you want to go paperless you can fill it in on your computer. Most people like to print it out though as it’s nice to have around when you’re in the middle of cooking with kids. But… whatever works!


INCLUDED in the course is a 20-30 minute , 1:1 consultation! You choose to use this whenever you like; whether it’s to help you get off to a great start, to motivate you when you’re in the midst of it, or to run through it when you’re all done.

Frequently asked questions..

What if I am a really bad cook?

It doesn’t matter at all whether you can cook or not. My sister is hands down the most inexperienced cook in the world and she was totally able to follow the Little Cookery system. The motto here is building confidence and family memories through cooking and that experience will encourage kids to cook and to learn. You don’t have to teach them culinary skills, they will learn if you provide them with the right environment.

What if I already bought the book?

If you own a copy of the Little Cookery Cookbook (hardcopy) the instruction material will be familiar. The planning sections in this course are more elaborate though, so if you’re looking to work out the plan in more detail this course will be perfect for you. This course is a digital one, meaning that unlike the book, you can read this on the go on your mobile device, tablet. Also, the layout and style of the course is geared toward adults while the book’s layout is more appealing to kids with its illustrations and colors.

My child is 2 years old, isn’t that too young to start?

Really young kids often see what their grownup is doing in the kitchen and participate. By creating a strategy and slowly letting them get a taste of what cooking is like they will ease into it. Although they won’t (and shouldn’t) be fully independent at such a young age, the tools, plan and systems I propose will benefit even 2-year-olds.

How is the course delivered?

After payment confirmation you will be able to download the entire course book and planner. You can use it either as an interactive (digital) tool by checking boxes and filling in the text in the document or you can print it out.

Included in the course is a free 20-30 minute call to go through your plan and to go through any questions you might have.

How long will I have access to the course?

For how ever long you want! The course comes as a downloadable PDF that you store on your own computer/cloud and can access it whenever you want.

So who is bringing you this?

Hi! I’m Lottie (that’s short for Charlotte), mom of two boys and cookbook author/illustrator.

Before having my boys, Elias (aka Eli) and Mishael, I loved to bake. After Eli came along, I struggled to keep my hobby alive, finding that as Eli grew up, he demanded all of my attention and insisted I include him in the kitchen.

One day, when he had just turned two, I gave him some stuff to do while I was baking. It turned out that he loved nothing more than being in the kitchen working with me! He enjoyed the whole process, from shopping, to arranging the ingredients, to squidging bananas through his fingers, to eating the final product! But I found it tough keeping an eye on him while having to refer to a fiddly recipe. I couldn’t find recipes or solid advice on including young kids in the kitchen so I started to develop my own recipes and systems.

What I came up with has developed into the Cooking by Color Method for measuring ingredients and highly structured, visual recipe instructions. These became the basis for the Little Cookery book.

I tested the method extensively over a period of 5 years with Eli’s friends, and later started teaching cooking classes in schools. Lots of parents and educators came up to me asking how they could include kids in the kitchen and what the best way was to extend the learning to other areas (like money and organisation). So I bundled all my best advice in the book and this course!

Lottie Aldarwish Little Cookery