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“teaches skills & independence”

“This brilliant book teaches children the skills to make things all by themselves. And what they make is pretty delicious too!”

–Sarah Marks, founder of Buttonbag & author of BoyCraft and ReCraft

“engages and excites children”

“With the huge revival of baking inspired by programmes like The Great British Bake Off, this book is a must for aspiring young cooks. Its colourful pictures and inspirational format engages and excites children and because of the simplicity of the recipes, they can be involved from start to finish. Watch out Mary Berry, a new generation of bakers are on their way!”

– Caroline Stevens, cookbook author, educator and mum of four



“great in the classroom”

“Little Cookery is a great teaching aid that supports all sorts of learning goals. Using the book in class allows educators to keep larger groups of children safe and engaged – the teacher is merely need to supervise. The extensive list of substitute ingredients is a life-saver: it means that if you suddenly realise you’re out of an ingredient, or something gets spilled, you can be confident in swapping it without the risk of losing the interest of those with short attention spans.”

–Nicky Van Kiel, European School primary teacher



“revolutionises recipes”

“As a writer, I’ve often wondered why recipes are always presented in the same way – they’re so fiddly to follow! This book deconstructs the recipe and, with just a handful of words, totally revolutionises it. We should never go back.”

– Isobel Finbow, freelance journalist

“so different to anything else!”

“This is so different to anything else we’ve seen! It’s not just a cookbook, it helps kids learn about food, responsibility and creativity.”

– Lottie & Dave, parents from London



“encourages joy in food”

“Little Cookery is so much fun! It not only encourages little ones to enjoy the preparation and joy in food it demystifies the complex and celebrates the basics; making food fun and creatively simple. Little Cookery is such a great way to give children confidence in the kitchen and sets them up for life. I wish all those I taught Home Economics to had started this way.”

– Tracie Trimmer, former lecturer in Home Economics


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