10 Digital Recipe Packs (Mega Bundle)

$22.99 (incl. tax)

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After the release of the Little Cookery cookbook hardcopy, here’s the long-awaited digital version. Not as merely a digital version of the book, but rather a collection of 1o packs designed especially for home printing.

Because some of us are more into digital, you can purchase the recipes and content of the book in a truly digital version. It’s not a mere electronic version of the book, this bundle is a pack of 10 eBooks.

recipe and activity pack contents

Each pack is centered around one of the recipes of the book and contains parent explanations, an interactive and illustrated interactive shopping list, recipe spread out on 2 pages (ideal for printing on a home printer) as well as a one-pager (ideal for use on a tablet). There are also unique goodies like printable gift tags and tea party invites included.

(If you want to see what that looks like, feel free to download a free recipe pack first.)