the Teaching Little Cooks workbook+ planner

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Do you long to spend more time with your kids in a memorable way?

Are your kids asking to join you in the kitchen but you don’t know where to start?

Are you sick of uninspriring and downright unsafe cooking techniques for kids?

Use this digital workbook + planner to create your own plan in no time!

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Following the book ‘Little Cookery: The Complete Guide to Teaching Young Kids to Cook’ here is the grownups course and planner.


The course comes as a downloadable, interactive eBook that is split into three modules, each focussing on a different area of development.

Module 1 is the big picture module. It looks at the skills kids can learn from cooking and gets you to form a plan with goals and skills for your kids.

Module 2 is the running-things-smoothly module. It’s about helping you to work out a good routine which is key to overcoming many of the obstacles to cooking with kids.

Module 3 is the let’s get suuuuuper practical module. It takes your situation as a starting point and let’s you build a grocery shopping strategy, shows you what to look for in food products and create a preferred product list, feedback mechanism and more.


Dotted throughout the course are planning pages. If you want to go paperless you can fill it in on your computer. Most people like to print it out though as it’s nice to have around when you’re in the middle of cooking with kids.


Questions answered

How does this compare to the hard copy book?

The hardcopy book contains two parts: the parent handbook and the cooking projects. Although the course contains some of the content from the parent handbook section of the book, it’s a muuuuch more expanded version. The course contains a multitude of planning options that are more detailed and in-depth than the book. Also, the beautiful, minimalist layout of the workbook is aimed at adults while the book, with its illustrations and colorful pages, aims to appeal to young kids.

So in other words, if you have the book, this course will be a great and practical companion to it.

Who is this ideal for?

Parents, educators and daycare providers will benefit from learning new and safe ways to teach young kids to cook. Both whether it’s a more formal learning experience you’re looking for or something more fun or casual.