New book, course and recipe packs

Just before Christmas of 2017 my Little Cookery cookbook came out after 5 long years of work.

It was surely a lot of work and many late nights so when the response turned out to be be overwhelmingly great, it came, more than anything, as a big relief. When you put so much of yourself into a project you’re never quite sure what the outcome will be.

Lovely words

As you can imagine I feel so honored that so many people have said such lovely words about the book and the cooking system. Here is a selection of kind words people have written on Amazon (you’ll find more reviews on the Amazon UK and Amazon CA sites):

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

amazon review little cookery

More love

Over a period of about a month, a couple of fantastic articles came out about the book (see here and here). I also blushed away as the Guelph library awarded the book with a reader’s award!

On top of that, the book has inspired new ways of teaching kids skills using cooking: in the spring of 2018 a new English as a Second Language (ESL) course will start in the Netherlands based solely on Little Cookery.

Next steps

After publication I received a lot of feedback from parents and grandparents and cooking schools saying it would be super useful to have the recipes as a printable guide so that they can print off a copy whenever needed or use it on a tablet.

I’ve heard you!

That’s why I am pleased to announce that the parent course + planner is now available!

After downloading the course you’ll be able to create a plan for cooking with kids that will last a lifetime.



The course’s handbook is designed specifically for printing off a home printer or using on a tablet or phone. It contains lots of planning pages so you’ll really be able to give your kids the insights they deserve.



Recipe packs

With the course being available for download, the recipes couldn’t lag behind. That’s why the recipes from the book have also been converted into styled digital packs.

The first packs will be made available over the coming weeks with more recipes to be added. NEW recipes are planned for the spring as well!

Get your free recipe pack!

The resource library has also been given a complete make-over (we wouldn’t want it to be jealous) and so has the free recipe pack for banana bread. It went from being a 20 or so pager to having over 30 pages in it. It’s a full-scale pack meaning: nothing has been left out that you would normally find in a sold recipe pack.

Here is the laydown of the goodies you’ll find in each recipe pack:

  • Key information about of the systems used such as Cooking by Color and getting your routine going
  • Recipe design explanation chart
  • Ingredients and ideas for substitutions
  • Tools used in the recipe and ideas for supplements
  • Reminders for kids about safety and how to use the recipe
  • Shopping list (on a tablet you can get interactive and tick the boxes)
  • Recipe in two different formats: one in landscape format for use on a device and one that’s ideal for printing as it’s spread out over two pages
  • Review questions to get that learning in
  • Printable Cooking by Color tags and poster
  • Memory section to draw or stick photos to remember the great fun

and if you sign up there will be some extra bonus goodies to help your Little Cook celebrate the beauty of their baked goodies.

If you are not a member yet, get your free access code to the toolkit by signing up below and you’ll get instant access to all the goodies (for a quick view see the screenshot below) as well as some bonuses exclusive to subscribers.

resource library little cooks



I hope you’ll enjoy all these new and revamped courses and tools. Remember to sign up below to receive your free access code today!