How to celebrate family moments through food

Cooking friends, meet Lindsay – mom and dedicated cook. 

It’s morning time when Lindsay and I talk. We both have our kids around and as our little ones hover, we have a great talk about all things cooking, family and birthday cakes. It becomes very clear to me that Lindsay has celebrations and all things food down to an art form.

Lindsay is mom to 2-year-old Gibson and little girl Emy, who is eight months old. Together they spend a lot of their time in and around the kitchen.


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Cooking was always something she was passionate about, but becoming a mom changed her love for cooking in a big way.

What falling out of love with cooking can do for you

“After having kids, I kind of fell out of love with cooking.” says Lindsay. Ironically, she found back her passion by actively including her oldest, Gibson, in the kitchen.

“When I became a mom, I had to prioritize my time differently. Cooking elaborate meals becomes too difficult and there’s never enough time.” says Lindsay.

Considering moving into a new phase in life and sharing the kitchen with Gibson, Lindsay observes something that no doubt will resonate with a lot of parents. “It’s better for me when I wake up and get something going in the slow cooker because the longer I leave it the harder it becomes. I find the mornings, when Emy is napping and Gibson is not tired or grumpy, the ideal time to cook.”

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For Gibson it’s about spending time with whoever he is helping, and that often ends up being done while in the kitchen.

She very wisely lets him make her coffee (I mean, THAT is a skill to teach kids!) but Gibson is equally passionate about dumping, slow cooking and measuring.

Learning how to cook was part of growing up

As a pre-teen Lindsay was made responsible for making her own meals before her dance classes and she noticed how this freedom and need to become self-sufficient encouraged her to be more adventurous with each passing dance class.

Growing up she loved cooking, baking and trying out new recipes.

A love that was likely fuelled by their family celebrations being centred around food and sitting together, doing life over meal times.

“I experienced a lifestyle of sharing food at the dinner table and it’s important to me to give this to my own kids as well.”


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Because the young family are surrounded by celebrations enjoyed through the gift of food, both on her husband’s side of the family as her own, Lindsay is not in this by herself. She notices this family dynamic makes it all the easier to embrace having Gibson in the kitchen.

“I always remember cooking with my mom.” says the mom of two. “And my own mom now gets involved in cooking with my kids as well.”

Grandma lets her 2-year-old grandson get out pots and pans and measuring tools and by doing so includes even the youngest members in these times of celebration.


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That said, Lindsay is also very realistic.

“It’s work having young kids around while cooking. I just try to remember I’m investing by teaching him.”

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Creative celebrations

Lindsay and her husband have managed to weave foods into their family traditions in a way that appeals greatly to my own minimalist and budget-friendly soul.

The birthday person gets to choose their own meal, and in Lindsay’s case this means she gets the time to really enjoy her hobby to the full by picking out a challenging recipe, something she’s not done before, while leaving the entire cleanup to her dear husband.

Lindsay’s husband, following in his grandparent’s footsteps who operated a tea house in Brampton, Ontario – baked her a special birthday cake last year and let her pick her favourite recipe.

Here’s the best way to get started

When asked what she would say to parents who aren’t as comfortable cooking with their kids, Lindsay advises “It’s going to get messy. The first time I tried to bake with Gibson he knocked a whole muffin mix over, covering the floor. I nearly got mad but then remembered my whole purpose was to get him to join in. That brought the incident back into perspective. For sure cooking with kids will slow down the process but it’s about fun and a great way to spend time together.”

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