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Little Cookery Cookbook is a series of revolutionary new kids recipes that teach kids as young as two how to cook (yes, really!) with its amazingly simple methods. Its beautifully illustrated, instinctive recipe design means even very young kids can follow the instructions with minimal guidance.

Author Lottie Aldarwish and her army of testers have noticed that learning to bake using Little Cookery has increased their children’s sense of independence and self-confidence. With Little Cookery, your kids will love baking so much you may just whip up a future Bake-Off champ!

Innovative Recipe Design

Little Cookery Cookbook Innovative Recipe Design

The book’s innovative Coloured Cups Method means that there are no fractions or measurements to follow – 1/2 cup of sugar becomes “a pink one of sugar”.

Once you’ve got the book, all  you need is a set of cups and spoons (try your local dollar store or check out some other ideas here) to get going! If your child can match colours and recognise basic ingredients, they can bake!

Little Cookery’s simple-but-delicious recipes provide the perfect solution to those rainy days or a fun-filled activity for play dates.

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Cooking By Color

Little Cookery Cookbook Colour Coded Measurements

The structured recipe design has been designed so kids get it straight away, no instructions necessary (but we’ve included a breakdown of the thought behind it in the book for the grown-ups, just in case).

Words have been kept to a minimum so very young kids and those with reading difficulties can follow along.

Symbols are explained so grown-ups can go through them with kids if there is any confusion.

Designed Entirely For Young Kids

Little Cookery Cookbook Ingredients Substitutes

For special diets, or that heart-sinking moment when you get back from the shop only to realise you’ve forgotten something, Little Cookery has an extensive list of ingredient substitutions.

Indispensable for last-minute changes, holding short attention spans, preventing disappointment or, of course, for anyone with a special diet – vegans, nut allergy sufferers or raisin-haters!

The ingredient substitution guide gives parents the power to decide on the products kids learn about, without having to discard the recipe. For the most part, the recipes rely on products that are readily available in supermarkets.

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than having to search all over the supermarket for a specialty ingredient with a kid that has lost their attention.


Little Cookery Cookbook Fun Stress-Free Shopping Trips

All About Those Life Skills

Teach kids the joy of using their hands in the kitchen, help them learn transferable life skills like:

  • troubleshooting
  • shopping
  • listening
  • safety in the kitchen
  • how to follow instructions
  • and more

Little Cookery Cookbook is Made for Young Kids

Little Cookery Cookbook Child-sized Portions

The book contains all the information adults and kids need to get started.

For grown-ups, there is information about the book’s beginnings, the Cooking By Color method, substituting ingredients, the theory behind Little Cookery’s recipe design and information about what the symbols mean.

Recipes included

There’s a wide variety of recipe projects included in the book:

  • Project 01: Cherry crumble
  • Project 02: Choccy mug cake
  • Project 03: Cheese scones
  • Project 04: Tiramisu
  • Project 05: Pepernoten
  • Project 06: Coconut cake
  • Project 07: Shortbread
  • Project 08: Banana bread
  • Project 09: Cinnamon swirls
  • Project 10: Blueberry muffins

Little Cookery Cookbook and Baking with Special Needs

One wonderful, unexpected outcome of the recipes has been parents and siblings who have dyslexia and ADHD telling me they have also found Little Cookery works for them much better than traditional recipe books.

“Reading, measuring using numbers and concepts, as well as following sequences is so hard for my dyslexic kid. The step-by-step approach as well as colour-coded measurements have opened up a new, fun and delicious activity we can enjoy together!”


“My son’s ADHD often stands in the way of succeeding in tasks that require a longer period of attention. Not only do the Little Cookery recipes rely on small portions and limited numbers of ingredients, the picture-based approach allows for a quick understanding of each step.”

Each Recipe Comes as a Complete Activity

For kids, there are the 10 essential recipes they’ll need to learn the basics of baking.

Each recipe comes with:

  • introduction by the character of the recipe;
  • its own shopping list with check boxes;
  • picture based recipe, spread out over two pages;
  • troubleshooting Qs & As for review and learning;
  • a space for notes;
  • an area for placing drawings or photos of the finished product.