Free lesson plan: Healthy Eating

This healthy eating lesson plan is made available for download (for free) to all the wonderful teachers out there. We love teaching children how to cook and it’s great to see when teachers can introduce these skills to their class. We’re all in favour of relieving the wonderful teachers throughout the world by offering this healthy eating lesson plan using the cheese scones recipe in the Little Cookery Book.

Please find below our example lesson plan for 4-6 year olds for reception/nursery classes (UK) and Junior and Senior Kindergarten (CA). A ready-made lesson plan is available for download as a PDF at the bottom of this page.

Healthy Eating Lesson Plan


To implement the school’s ‘Healthy Eating’ policy

Links to the curriculum

Physical development. ‘I recognise the importance of personal hygiene and keeping healthy.’

Areas of differential expectation

  • Explanations must be appropriate to the child’s language level
  • Follow-up activities will include written work where possible
  • An additional numeracy worksheet may be used for different levels of ability


  • Child develops her/his understanding about what is healthy and what is unhealthy, what is good for people and what is not.
  • Child develops understanding of a healthy diet.

Content /Procedure

  1. Children will name the ingredients and tools they can see on the table. They will make sentences using ‘cooking’ verbs (use a projector so that the illustrations from ‘Little Cookery’ can be seen on the classroom screen)
  2. Talk about the choices of ‘healthy’ ingredients cheese scones.
  3. The follow-up activities will be explained.
  4. Children will wash their hands and put on their aprons.
  5. Groups of 4 children will work together, guided by the teacher. They will follow the illustrations on the screen (pages for the recipe in ‘Little Cookery’)
  6. Children will move to the follow-up activity table and continue their work independently while the next group bakes another batch of cinnamon swirls.
  7. Evaluation time: use the assessment questions and the colouring pages for the Cheese Scone recipe in the following pages of ‘Little cookery’ to reinforce the children’s learning experiences.


(only for personal and school use, please)

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