Cooking Classes (Ontario)

Teach kids new skills and broaden their horizons with the Little Cookery cooking class at school in Ontario (see below for coverage).

Cooking class at school in Ontario

These classes are held at your venue, which can be anything from a school or community center, to a daycare center or corporate event. Even birthday parties or a friends get together are made even more special with a cooking class for kids.

Depending on how much time you have available, class size, age of the kids and the cooking equipment available at your location, a suitable class can be provided.

Each class comes with an example lesson plan for quick integration in your school plan.

Cooking class at school in Ontario highlights

Age: 2 – 12 years
Recipe choices: Cheese Scones, Banana Bread, Chocolate Mug Cake, Shortbread, Tiramisu
Venue: The school (or daycare, camp or community center)
Area: Ontario, Canada (Guelph, GTA, Kitchener-Waterloo)
Times: Weekday evenings (after 6.30pm), Saturdays 9am – 7pm. Please contact for availability.


The cooking class at school in Ontario are aimed kids between 2 and 12 years old. Depending on the specific requirements, the class will provide a fun activity for kids and will encourage them to continue cooking at home. In small groups or as the group as a whole, kids will learn to prepare a dish using the Little Cookery picture-based recipe and the Coloured Cups Method.

The Class

Our cooking class for schools in Ontario will, for the most part, be as follows..

Before the class starts, the kids will receive a picture-based shopping list that they use to go shopping. They will bring these ingredients to school with them. Alternatively, the school may provide these ingredients for them.

During the class the kids will work in groups on preparing their own dish. They will collect the necessary tools and ingredients, follow the steps indicated on the recipe, measure out ingredients using Coloured Cups and learn about safety rules in the kitchen.

While the cakes are in the oven we will clear up our work stations and have a discussion about what we’ve learned (and what we might want to differently next time to improve the dish). We will try out some of our cake when it’s ready together.

After the class end, the kids will receive their special baking certificate and will bring home their beautifully packaged cake to share with friends and family.

Life skills

The Little Cookery courses are aimed at providing these important life skills:

Structured thinking