Little Cookery in the new year

Not sure what the cut-off point is for being allowed to do a ‘look what the future will bring’ type of post to hail in the new year. 2017 is now officially 15 days past, after all.

I’m going to live on the edge and do mine anyway. There’s so much excited stuff planned this coming year for Little Cookery and I’m dying to share..

This was 2017

A good look forward starts with a little throwback to the good ol’ days. Lots happened in 2017, both personally for me and for Little Cookery. Here are my 3 highlights: the cookbook launch, moving continents and the kids growing up.

1. Cookbook launch

2017 was the year in which I launched my illustrated cookbook. Up until that point I had tested the recipes endlessly with so many different kids at schools, got 6 different proofs of the book over the years, and spent many (MANY!) nights on coffee and my friends Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign trying to complete the book.

There comes a point at which you have to stop testing and start getting out there and 2017 was that year. I finally stopped  proofing books and designing new illustrations and published the book.

Little Cookery Book front and back


2. Move to Canada

2017 was also the year in which I moved to Canada and stepped away from corporate jobs in the tech industry. It was a big step to make, especially as I was always the main bread winner while Sam was the stay-at-home dad to our 2 boys.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen lots of snowy posts and videos from me. If you’ve missed those, let me recap and give you a feel of the Canadian. Here’s how we European imports have been trying to deal with the snow this season…



I’ll share more about the why and how of our move later on this month, but can say that this continental adventure took up a lot of our thinking last year. Not just personally, but also business and organisation (hint: lots of forms were filled in).

3. No more diapers. Eeeeeeeverrr!!

Last but not least.. 2017 allowed me the opportunity to stop carrying around diapers and I resigned as a diaper-bottom-cleaner. It marked the end of an era for me. The kids are not little little anymore and I think I’m ok with that.

I got my youngest, Misha, potty-trained using some good old-fashioned bribery. The “if you go to the toilet I will buy you a green train” literally got him out of diapers in two days. No more manic, sleepless nights when we’ve run out of diapers and the shops are already closed!

I will thus not be spending my 2018 having to pretend the stink is coming from my child when there’s no suitable changing area. Ahhhhh glorious toilets.

(The things we are happy about as parents boggles my mind. If I had brain cells left I would surely ponder on the depth of it all)

Bring it on Twenty Eighteen

Looking forward: funmazing times ahead

I’ve got some really funmazing tools and ideas lined up (fun + amazing = funmazing is Eli‘s new word I find myself using it all the time).

Through the book, website content and some new courses I will be bringing activities and ideas to parents to help their kids enjoy cooking and family time in the kitchen.

As always, all the content will always have a strong focus on it being fun for kids & parents and should never be too energy-consuming.

Little Cookery in 2018

I’ve been very busy preparing…

…inspiring cooking with kids

You’ll find posts on the website about topics such as great cooking/food boardgames and what to look for in food packaging for kids cooking

…inspirational interviews

Read all about kids who love cooking and their parents through a series called ‘Little Cooks Interviews’.

I have absolutely LOVED doing these interviews and I’m sure you’ll get so much out of them as well! Just be prepared to get a glimpse of what the future will be like when you have teenage little cooks.

…creativity and cooking with kids courses

There’s much more learning and fun times kids can do and have in the kitchen that just cooking. On Fridays I will be releasing parts of courses that cover topics like throwing kids cooking birthday parties (a complete schedule and ALL the digital resources to get you up and running in 30 minutes).

These resources will help you do fun cooking-related things to extend the learning opportunity and fun times for families. You’ll find lots of printable and downloadable tools for fun activities for the kids.

…behind the scenes

In the behind-the-scenes posts I’ll be sharing a looksie into the tools I use to create illustrations, books and marketing. This should be expecially interesting if you’re interested in writing your own books or starting your own business.

There will also be some more share personal stories about my life as a mom in an international family life and leaving the corporate/tech world.

Occassionally I do some freelance design project and I’ll be sure to share some of the nicest food related projects (I won’t share the more corporate logos and designs I do but if you’re interested in those, feel free to contact me).


I’m nothing if not a lover of a good schedule, so here goes the content planning for the coming time:

  • Monday -> every other Monday I’ll be sending out a news email (did you sign up for that yet?) with events, best of the blog, course announcements, discounts and exclusive freebies
  • Tuesday -> inspiring cooking with kids
  • Wednesday -> little cooks interviews
  • Thursday -> behind the scenes
  • Friday -> creativity and cooking with kids courses (the January course is a complete guide to throwing a cooking birthday party)


little cookery content planner


Find me on Instagram and Instagram Stories if you want to see more antics. Some of the articles will be linked to on Facebook too.

Are there any questions you’d like to see answered or resources you’d like to see? Shoot me a message or comment below.