Kids baking


Have you ever shuddered in horror at the thought of filling school holidays? Felt despondent at the weather report telling you that rain was in store for the weekend? Have you tried activity books, sticker books, toys and TV screens but somehow felt like a bad parent for not thinking of something more interactive? Well, that was me – or at least it was – before I found a way to teach my two year old to bake! After years of illustrating recipes and testing,
I have come up with a set of 10 recipes for kids to learn how to bake. Grownups will love to see how effortlessly kids develop a lifelong skill, gain self confidence and independence and have fun doing it! I’ve tried the Little Cookery recipes and methods within different types of classes, ages and learning difficulties and the kids all experience the same thing – pride in themselves, a sense of achievement and definitely the desire to try it again.